1 untreated Orange
1 untreated Lemon
2-3 l simple red wine
1 l  apple juice (if desired)
5 cinnamon sticks
10 cloves
5 aniseed
1 suger cone
35 cl rhum (54 Vol. %)


  1. Cut orange and lemon in slices.
  2. Heat read wine on the stove (do not boil). Add slices and spices (and if desired: apple juice). Place the pot on a dish-warmer.
  3. Lay the Feuerzange with the sugar cone on the pot and soak it with warm rhum. Pour a little rhum into the ladle, light it and pour it burning over the sugar cone. Always pour a little of the remaining rhum into the ladle, then pour it over the sugar cone. (Never let the rhum bottle directly get in contact with the flame!) Stir before serving.

Learning Deutsch:

das Feuer fire
die Zange pincers
die Bowle punch