Directions to Rütihofstrasse 5a in Baar

There are different routes you can take to our house. The simplest routes are outlined below, even if they add a few minutes to your trip.

GPS Warning: Most GPS systems don’t know our address, (presumably because it is not on a public street) and may give false or impossible directions. (E.g. Google: You may try entering the address “Arbachstr. 69” ( and then follow the last two steps in the directions below. 

With public transportation  (300m):        

  • If the train arrives at track 3 or 4: Take the stairs down at the end of the train which is furthest from Zurich. (Sector D). 
  • If the train arrives at any other track: Leave  the central hall of the station through the wide exit (more than 10 doors) opposite the SBB office and the large indicator panel
  • At the bus stops Bahnhofsplatz/Alpenstr. take bus line 14 and get off at the stop “Arbachstrasse”. 
  • Walk ~200 Meter back in the direction you just drove from.
  • At the striped crosswalk, turn left onto Rütihofstrasse.  It is a somewhat steep climb.
  • Within 100 meters you will see Rutihofstrasse 5A on the left side.  We live on the top floor.


Nach:  Baar, Arbach
Zeit: Abfahrt Ankunft

Arbachstr.          Rütihofstrasse 5A

By foot (approx. 15 minutes) or bicycle from Bahnhof Zug :

By car from Autobahnabfahrt Baar

By car from Cham